The Musicians of Blackthorn

In Memorium

Graham lookin dapper

Graham Carver
September 01, 1953–May 27, 2006

So long Mister Carver
© 2006 Dianne VanKirk

So long Mister Carver
We all knew you when
Goodbye Mister Carver
Who was always more than a friend
He played the music that we loved
and kept our spirits high
So long Mister Carver
It's time to say goodbye

Mister Carver was a man
Who played his music well
He loved the feel of all the notes
Although his chords were hell
His voice was heard inside our hearts
His words they touched our souls
Too bad he had to leave us
But he left us with the goals

Mister Carver wanted only
A peaceful, happy life
But things got tough and darkness
Entered in his life
He took it all in his stride
He never felt it wrong
So long Mister Carver
Here is your final song

Goodnight Mister Carver
It's time to say goodbye
See ya later Mister Carver
Some tears we'll have to cry
Knowing you was joyful
You brought us happiness
Why'd ya leave so soon though
Just your time, I guess

Did your musings make you moody
That's not for us to say
I reckon that's what you needed
To get you through the day
A viking of a man like you
Has not been seen before
You kept trying to win the battle
Before there was a war

So here's to Mister Carver
Who's gone before his time
Cheers to Mister Carver
A man still in his prime
We'll keep your memory alive
Through the music that we play

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